• Analyse

    Detailed analysis of your investment performance.

    NetReturn calculates an Internal Rate of Return for every investment that includes dividends and costs.

    • Related benefits
    • Quick and easy portfolio analysis
    • Automatically adjusted for corporate actions
    • Select any trading period
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  • Evaluate

    Compare your performance against the market or a professional.

    • Other features
    • Annualised returns simplify market comparisons
    • Understand the source of your returns
    • Quantify your stock-picking ability
    • Rank investment decisions
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  • Grow

    Detailed analysis of your investment performance.

    Analysing past performance is an important learning process and helps investors make better future investment decisions.

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  • Get started

    3 quick steps.

    1. Sign up. It's free!
    2. Enter your cash flow and trade history
    3. Start analysing your portfolio
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How NetReturn works

NetReturn makes portfolio analysis simple. All you need to do is enter your trade history and NetReturn will analyse your investments over time. Detailed portfolio analytics are shown in a series of intuitive charts and grids.

To better understand your portfolio’s performance, follow these two quick steps:

  • Login
  • Enter your cashflow and trade history.

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